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Trisha Carmean

Part Time Faculty

Phone: (206) 592-4210

Office: 26-229

Mailstop: 26-2


Hello All,
I am originally from Arizona, moved to the Seattle area in 2016. After 11 years of nursing at the bedside, I was able to pursue my passion for teaching, full-time. I have worked in various units during my nursing career: Medical Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant, and post-surgical GI/post-general surgical overflow. I am happy to be taking the next step in my career, academia. I enjoy working with students to help build their nursing foundation and skills. I am happy to share stories from my career, if anyone is curious about pursuing a nursing career. I look forward to working at the Highline Nursing program for years to come.

Professor Carmean MN, BSN, RN