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Michelle Eisley

Part Time Faculty

Office: 16-117

Mailstop: 16-1




With more than ten years in Video Production, I have a keen understanding of how to fit in many rolls along the production pipeline, from concept to post production. I love to do compositing and 2.5D matte paintings. I enjoy Editing, and other post and 2D tasks including photo retouching, color grading, and animation.

My working approach is to be flexible and fun, keeping an open mind to new approaches and pipelines. I have freelanced for a wide range of companies big and small

Spring 2023

OnlineMMD 125 1YCF-OL (32580)
ArrangedVisit me in my Zoom office. Send me a Canvas Email to set up an appointment.
9-11:30 am

MMD 160 1A-P (32573)
Bldg 16 Room 160-Computer Lab

MMD 160 1A-P (32573)
Bldg 16 Room 160-Computer Lab