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Kevin Kelly

Part Time Faculty
Life, Ocean, & General Sciences


Hi there! I am an Anatomy and Physiology instructor here at Highline. I recently graduated from Mayo Clinic with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. During my time there, I worked with heart failure patients to measure their fluid volumes and determine how those volumes impacted their physiology, quality of life, time to hospital readmission, and survival time.
Outside of work I spend time with my dogs, play video games, and bake cupcakes. More recently I have been learning how to sew cloth masks for the pandemic.

Department: Life, Ocean, & General Sciences

Winter 2022

OnlineBIOL& 241 2ACF-HY (23563)
8-9:50 am

BIOL& 241 2ACL-HY (23565)
Bldg 26 Room 343-Lab