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Joe Figel

Part Time Faculty
Life, Ocean, & General Sciences

Phone: (206) 592-4719



Academic background:
Ph.D., Conservation Biology - University of Central Florida
M.Sc., Environmental Studies - Florida International University
B.Sc., Wildlife Conservation - University of Washington
A.Sc., General Sciences - Bellevue Community College

"Residency training" in the field received from:
Rural farmers and fishermen (Magdalena River basin, Colombia) - 4 years
Rural farmers and fishermen (Nayarit, Mexico) - 3 years
Chinantec indigenous people (Oaxaca, Mexico) - 2 years
Gayo, Acehnese, and Minangkabau peoples (Sumatra, Indonesia) - 2 years
Zoque indigenous (Oaxaca, Mexico) - 8 months
Rural farmers and fishermen, Garifuna (Honduras) - 6 months
Esse, Ejja, and Leco indigenous (Bolivia) - 3 months

Department: Life, Ocean, & General Sciences