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Jeremy Johnson

Part Time Faculty
Computer Information Systems

Mailstop: 29-2




With more than two decades in various information technology roles, my career has taken me all over the globe working with small, medium, and large organizations. I've worked helpdesk, managed servers, built enterprise database management systems, and started an offensive security consulting practice.

For the past year, I've been taking a break from the tech world to focus on the art and craft of documentary photojournalism as a professional photographer.

My office hours are available by appointment. For appointments, please send me an e-mail.

Winter 2024

Arranged or Online

CIS 450 JCL-LAB (32248)

Penetration Testing

5:30 pm

CIS 450 JCF-HY (32246)

Penetration Testing

Meets Wednesday from 5:30 ‐ 7:30 pm