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Deb Salls

Part Time Faculty
Human Services Technology

Office: 11-208

Mailstop: 11-1


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A little bit about me
I grew up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and have lived in St Louis and Chicago and moved to Seattle in 2011 for my Executive Director position at Bike Works I have a B.A. in Anthropology and an M.Ed. in Youth Development Leadership from the University of MN, as well as a M.A in Nonprofit Management from Washington University in St Louis. I have spent the past 25 years working in the youth development field and in nonprofit management.

Why I work in the Youth Development Field
Helping young people to become better leaders, explore their communities and expand their world view has been a theme in my life and career. Bike Works is innovative in its approach to elevate the bicycle as a vehicle for education and transformation, which inspires me. I spent nearly twenty years working with the YMCA in several cities as a Program Director and as an Executive Director and spent a few years working at the YMCA of USA national headquarters in Chicago, IL.

I am passionate about social justice for our communities, youth empowerment, leadership development, civic engagement, our environment and social innovation.

Current Board Involvement:
Youth Development Executives of King County
Out In Front
Rain City Rock Camp