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Robin Martin

Tenure Full Time Faculty
English Language, Career and Academic Prep

Phone: (206) 592-3884

Office: 15-109

Mailstop: 15-1



Hi students! I have many hobbies, but I enjoying traveling the most. I hope to learn about new beautiful places from you! I try and spend as much time outside as possible walking with my dog, Pepper, my cat, Stormy, my husband, Justin, and my daughter, Claire. We love animals, and we also love reading. Can you recommend a book for me or my daughter? My daughter goes to bilingual elementary school. She is learning English and Spanish. She also loves Pokémon and Harry Potter. I love to talk to students about college and life after ESOL. You can use the links above to email me or make an appointment. If you need help with homework, come work with your classmates during homework help hours. Zoom link is on canvas or email me. I hope to chat with you soon!

12:15-2:35 pm

ABE 42 CCF1-HY (41103)

ABE 42 CCF1-HY (41103)