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Rashmi Koushik

English Language, Career and Academic Prep

Phone: (206) 592-4282

Office: 19-103B

Mailstop: 19-1




I coordinate the Jumpstart program in the ELCAP department (English Language, Career and Academic Prep). I love helping students learn to navigate complex processes and structures like figuring out how to navigate the college experience. I also teach ESOL and GED depending on the quarter and enjoy teaching math especially!

The best way to reach me is by email, especially if you have questions you can write down -- I will respond very quickly that way. You can also drop into one of my zoom office hours as well for more in-depth assistance or advising. My zoom link is

10:00 am

ABE 48 B1-P (35571)

ESL 3: Reading/Writing

Meets Monday ‐ Thursday from 10:00 am ‐ 12:20 pm
Bldg 22 Room 202-Classroom