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Paula Kennedy

Part Time Faculty
Interior Design

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As an Interior Designer of 25 years, and a Creative all my life in one form or another, Timeless Kitchen Design is a second career post Corporate America that provided an outlet for my desire for creativity. I fell in love with Kitchen and Bath as it offered my left brain the joy of digging into the technical details and my right brain the ability to play with space and color.

I am a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer through NKBA. I received CLIPP Certified Living in Place through Living in Place Institute. The CACC Certified Architectural Color Consultant rounds out my professional accreditation. In 2017 I was awarded the NKBA Lifetime Ambassador designation and have been honored in the last 20 years as an award winner, published locally and nationally, and now giving back by speaking, teaching, mentoring and writing.

Recently reinventing myself creatively, I have embraced my inner Guru and started teaching and writing about innovation and creativity. This new expression has exploded my career diversity in a way I never imagined. My desire is to continue sharing my journey and what I’ve learned along the way. I’ve recently added product inventor and curriculum developer to my resume as well.

Creating a better quality of life for all my clients is at the heart of my business mission statement. This drives my passion for timeless design that functions smoothly, resonates emotionally and makes us smile visually! A favorite quote by a client and now a friend; "I know many people who "love" their job, but Paula’s joy of what she does is positively infectious."

I am taking that infectious passion into inspiring my clients, my peers, students, and other Creatives to move beyond their comfort zones to having a space and life that is more fulfilling.

Paula Kennedy
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