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Paul Galasso

Part Time Faculty
Continuing Education

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Has a BS in International Business / Mandarine Chinese. Owns and operates an Adult Family Home with his wife Evelyn since 2012. We care for 5 Intellectually disabled adults to provide independence and guidance. I have been an entrepreneur all my life in a variety of industries. My wife and I have not worked for anyone else since 2003.

We are experts in developing Business Systems and Marketing. I also own a digital marketing company working with companies around the world developing websites, e-commerce sites, marketing videos, and then driving traffic to their sites.

Spring 2024

8:30 am

HSER 270 CE2-OL (37985)

AFH Administrator Training

Meets Monday from 8:30 am ‐ 4:30 pm

HSER 270 CE3-OL (37990)

AFH Administrator Training

Meets Wednesday from 8:30 am ‐ 4:30 pm

5:30 pm

HSER 270 CE4-P (37992)

AFH Administrator Training

Meets Monday ‐ Wednesday from 5:30 ‐ 9:30 pm