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Phillip Clingan

Part Time Faculty
Criminal Justice

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My name is Dr. Phillip Clingan, and I have been teaching College since 2014; and I was in charge of the Military Science-Army Officers Program for Providence College, RI, for three years. Additionally, I am a subject matter expert in quantitative methodologies for the Grand Canyon University dissertation committee. I have my Bachelor of Arts in Law & Justice from Saint Martin’s University, my Masters of Arts in Intelligence from American Military University, and my Doctor of Psychology, specializing in Criminology and Legal Studies from the Univesity of Arizona.

I have been conducting psychological research in the field since 2013 and continue to specialize in profiling emotional behaviors through mico-facial expressions. I am a subject matter expert editor and Board Member in psychology in human behaviors for SPAST Express, a peer-reviewed open-access online-only journal, enabling affordable dissemination of research globally. Additionally, I spent 21 years serving in the United States Army and currently serve as a Contracted Criminologist criminal lawyer and local law enforcement agencies.

In my spare time, I enjoy riding my CVO Road Glide, reading, writing University/College Textbooks, children's psychology books, academic articles, YouTube (great invention), and listening to music.

I look forward to working, learning, and being part of your academic journey with all of you over these several weeks.

Dr. C

Fall 2023

Arranged or Online

CJ& 106 YCF-OL (23779)

Juvenile Justice