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Jamie Wilson


Phone: (206) 592-3359

Office: 18-212

Mailstop: 18-01


I am a first-generation college graduate and the only person in my family to earn a Masters degree, so I understand the value of education, and I can relate with the barriers many students face along the path to completion. What keeps me coming back to the classroom year after year? I love helping people overcome obstacles, reach their goals, and surprise themselves with what they can accomplish. I also love language and ideas, and I find that I keep learning and growing with every class that I teach. Many people believe that being able to write is something you're born with, but the truth is, we can all produce high-quality writing if we break the process down into manageable steps, and progress through them strategically over time. Strong writing isn't the product of late night fits of inspiration; it takes shape and evolves over time. I'm all about teaching students how to work together to use the writing process to produce their best work. My hope is that what you learn will serve you in my class, in other classes you take, in your profession, and in your navigation of this labyrinthine mystery we call life.