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Hi there! I’m Jodi White and I’m full-time faculty in the Education Department and am currently Department Coordinator.

I’ve been teaching at Highline since fall of 2005. My background is in early learning – I’ve been a substitute teacher, a teacher, a lead, a program supervisor and director. I was the director of two different programs in Seattle and have also taught as a teacher in a cooperative preschool, worked as a coach and a consultant, and was a trainer for the Washington State STARS system. Currently I’m tenured here at Highline and teach numerous classes in the Education Department, as well as Critical Thinking for Equity, a humanities class housed in the Diversity and Global Studies Department.

Philosophically, I’m a social constructivist, valuing that we all come into new situations with knowledge already. Then we get exposed to other information and we combine it with what we knew already, and boom! New knowledge! What's more, is that we do this best when we have trusting relationships with other people - without trust, we don't want to ask questions or take risks and these are critical for learning. I’m also passionate about social justice and equity. Through my research and experience I know that all of our lives (and education) are influenced by our identities – race/ethnicity, class, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion…all of these and more impact our experience and how we see the world.

On a more personal note, you can call me Jodi, if you're comfortable with that and I use she/her/hers for pronouns. I grew up in Ohio but moved to Seattle in 1991. I live in White Center now, where I’ve been since 2010. I was the first person in my family to go to college - yep, a proud first generation college student! I have a large, (very) hairy, rambunctious dog, I like to garden and do geeky things, like play with 3-D modeling and virtual reality games. I even built my own computer last year! I also really (really) like to eat and am a bit of a foodie, an interest I share with my husband, John.

Curious about anything else? Feel free to ask me! I look forward to getting to know you.

OnlineECED& 105 1YCF-OL (8661), ECED& 107 1YCF-OL (8662), ECED& 132 1YCF-OL (8664), ECED& 139 1YCF-OL (8669), EDUC& 136 1YCF-OL (8670)
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