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John Pizarro

FacultyCoordinator of BAS-Teacher Certification

Phone: (206) 592-4562

Office: 29-232

Mailstop: 29-2



Hello current and future students. Welcome to my page. I hold regular virtual office hours through my Zoom room. Office hours are a chance for students to talk with me outside of class when in need of support, someone to bounce ideas off of, or someone to just listen. Here are a few ways to meet with me:

1) Walk-ins- I encourage "walk-ins" with my door open during the scheduled office hours (when I am not in a scheduled appointment with a student). If you prefer to virtually or by phone, I will also respond via email, phone (just leave me your number), or Zoom (request a Zoom link) if I'm not already with a student or have a scheduled appointment.

***I maintain at least two hours dedicated to walk-ins during the week.

2) Appointments- You may schedule an appointment to secure a time to meet and join my Zoom room during my hours (See my Microsoft Bookings link)

Office Hours:
Tuesdays-12:00- 3:00 I will be on campus and can take in-person meetings. Please let me know in advance so that I can keep that window of time free from other walk-ins.

Email: during office hours.
You can schedule a a time to meet during office hours using: href="">

I look forward to meeting with you!

John Pizarro

Arranged or Online

EDUC 470 A-OT (28407)

Teacher Residency I

5:30 pm

EDUC 304 A-OL (28315)

Teaching Orientation

Meets Thursday from 5:30 ‐ 6:20 pm

EDUC 405 JCF-HY (28401)


Meets Tuesday from 5:30 ‐ 7:30 pm