Personal photo uploaded by Ian Porter.

Ian Porter

Part Time Reference Librarian

Office: 25-214

Mailstop: 25-2B


Hi, I'm Ian! I’m a librarian and teacher with 15 years of experience in higher education. My professional work focuses on helping people navigate, participate in, and build information and communication environments that foster democratic community and critical inquiry, including working to counteract manipulative and coercive forms of information (misinformation and disinformation) and manipulative and coercive rhetorical practices (e.g., demagoguery, systematic lying and BSing, etc.). As a teacher of information literacy and rhetoric/composition, I draw on and put into practice liberatory pedagogies, particularly democratic, anti-racist, and feminist pedagogies. To that end, I am inspired by and draw on aspects of labor-based grading and “ungrading” in my assessment practices as a way to redistribute power and agency in the classroom. As a teacher and librarian, I try to use, and advocate for using, open educational resources (OER) and low-cost educational materials to reduce financial barriers to college. As a librarian, I strive to provide thoughtful, patient research help and guidance and to help students overcome technological and institutional barriers to their success.