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Hello Highline College, Welcome Back!
Every quarter can seem like a new beginning, and this quarter is not any different. I will say that winter quarter - the start of a new year, does seem to have more of a beginning feeling than the other quarters. I hope you have a great year and have time to reflect on your previous quarter/s. Time for reflection can highlight the things that we did well and we might want to build on those experiences. It can also be a time to look at the things that did not go as well or the things we probably should have done, but never got around to doing them. What will you this quarter to continue to grow and get closer to your goals?

To my current students:
Hello Students, I hope you all had a great break, and you all are ready to get this quarter started. We will be using WebAssign for our homework and for most of our quizzes. In the introduction module, you all will find the "Click here to register for WebAssign and Access Our Assignments" link to help us set up a Cengage/WebAssign account. We will eventually need to purchase access to WebAssign, but for now use the free ten-day option. If you all ever have any questions, then please reach out and hopefully you all will stop by my office to chat.

Winter 2024

8:00 am

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Meets Thursday from 8 ‐ 8:50 am

9:00 am

MATH& 146 IBM2-P (31350) , MATH 87 IBM2-P (31361) , MATH 87 MAP2-P (30655) , MATH& 146 MAP2-P (30654) , MATHP 146 MAP2-P (30651)

Meets Monday – Friday from 9 ‐ 10:50 am
Bldg 26 Room 109-Classroom

11:00 am

MATH& 151 B-P (30835)

Calculus I

Meets Monday ‐ Thursday from 11:00 am ‐ 12:05 pm
Bldg 26 Room 109-Classroom

1:30 pm

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Meets Monday ‐ Wednesday from 1:30 ‐ 2:20 pm

2:30 pm

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Meets Thursday from 2:30 ‐ 2:50 pm