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Fred Capestany

Human Services

Phone: (206) 592-3716

Office: 15-206

Mailstop: 15-1


Fred Capestany is a life-long educator committed to helping youth and young people reach their full potential. He began his career as the Bilingual Community Educator for Planned Parenthood of Seattle and continues to provide sexuality education to young people. Fred has worked as a college admission counselor (University of Puget Sound), student services administrator (Seattle University, Highline College) and as a Director of Religious Education (University Unitarian Church). Fred’s most recent position was as the Director of College Support at Rainier Scholars, an educational access organization for students of color who are low income and the first in their families to attend college. In addition to his professional work, Fred is an active community volunteer, including having spent 5 years as a board member for Powerful Voices, a non-profit that serves girls of color. Fred has an MA in Education from Seattle University and a BA in Psychology from Whitman College.

Department: Human Services

Spring 2022

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