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Ellen Reed

Part Time Faculty
Legal Studies

Phone: (206) 592-4493

Mailstop: 29-2


Ellen Reed has spent most of her career providing legal aid to low-income people in King County as a paralegal and program coordinator with the Neighborhood Legal Clinics, the Housing Justice Project, and the Washington State Bar Association. She was appointed to the original Limited License Legal Technician Board and later was the Limited License Legal Technician Program Lead at the Washington State Bar Association. As Ellen worked on innovative regulatory solutions to the access to justice crisis, she began studying the ways technology could help connect people to legal services. Ellen and a lawyer/programmer named Jacob Wicks created an organization called inForm Legal Tech that focuses on promoting innovation in access to justice through technology. She is currently working on creating new court and public safety technology with Tyler Technologies and completing a master's in the Human-Centered Design and Engineering program at the University of Washington's School of Engineering. Ellen is a member of the Access to Justice Board's Technology Committee, volunteers with the Court Recovery Task Force, and is the chair of the Access to Justice Conference Technology Committee. She is also working with community organizations and a partner at the University of Washington to create interactive visualization tools for people navigating the domestic violence protection order process.

Department: Legal Studies