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Hello students! Very pleased that you chose my course and I look forward to learning with you this quarter. I wear a few different hats, but as historian, I specialize in research and analysis of historic events with special emphasis on the colonial and post-colonial history of France and French colonial territories. (i.e. Caribbean, Indochina, and North Africa). I've been fortunate as a historian not only in teaching, but in doing archival work (white gloves and all) as well as working in public history. I recently completed my doctorate in the field of education with emphasis on curriculum & instruction, multicultural education, literacy, and technology.

At heart, I am a Multicultural Educator (MCE) and like to implement tons of strategies towards interdisciplinary approaches that honor your cultural and intersectional identities as students. The research I engage is rooted in Critical Race Theory (CRT) and examines dynamics of power, race, and society. My goal is not only to prepare you for the workplace but for life, so I thrive on developing the critical thinking skills which facilitates your learning.

As a first generation American, I embrace my nationality while still maintaining a strong connection to my Caribbean Afro-Hispanic roots. So, I harbor a global worldview that, at its core, is primarily objective and rooted in the critical analysis of not only learning but the ways in which we learn. This, I feel, is a vital component in helping us understand the world in which we live and learn. As a person of color, I am consciously aware of the importance of culture within education, and grounded in the belief that student awareness of multicultural aspects within society do not impede, rather facilitate learning processes though which critical thinking skills are acquired and developed.

My primary goal, is empowering you as students. Your diverse voices are important because you deserve a seat at the table as change agents
if we are to topple institutional hegemony and deconstruct power structures which reproduce oppression in society.

On a lighter note, I enjoy writing slam poetry, composing music, playing the guitar, drums, and piano, watching sports, Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu, hanging out with my pups, cooking gourmet cuisine, and fishing when I get a chance.

Summer 2020

OnlineEGS 137
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