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Dusty Wilson

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I was raised by hippies in a log cabin in the woods. I home schooled, did two years of Running Start in Olympia. After this I earned my BA in 1999 from TESC in political science, literature, and mathematics. In 2001 I completed my MS at WWU in mathematics. This is the start of my 20th year teaching and I am presently honored to serve as chair of science and math at Highline.

I enjoyed teaching when I came to Highline and love it more each year as I grow as a teacher and get the privilege of working with students and impacting our culture through education.

I enjoy teaching mathematics at all levels although have taught a bunch of calculus and linear algebra in recent years. I’ve taught most of the classes we offer at Highline (except statistics and teacher ed) and I guess that is because I am amazed by all of mathematics!

A few years back, I was privileged to take a sabbatical (time off of teaching) to research the philosophy of mathematics (what is math, where does it come from, and what is its purpose). I’ve continued to work on this question and recently have given a number of talks on what I call a triune philosophy of mathematics.

I am the faculty adviser to a student group called Cru. Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting students to Jesus Christ. Some fun stuff I’ve done recently with Cru includes: A leadership retreat on Whidbey Island. A getaway event at a camp that included canoes and paddle boards. And I am excited to be taking a group of students to a regional conference in SoCal. Cru is open to all students regardless of religious belief and meets Wednesdays at 12:30 pm.

My beautiful wife Charlene and I have been married for 8,589 days as of this printing. We have three children. I enjoy reading, boomerangs, budgeting, PG-13 action flicks, and remodeling. I usually bike or walk to Highline so please be kind to pedestrians.

Another interest of mine is musical theater. My parents met in the in 70’s in the musical “Godspell” and I’ve been in a couple of shows including doing an Elvis impersonation role and more recently taking part in a production of “Beauty and the Beast” with my wife and children.

I am also a Christian which means much more than attending church on Sundays. It is the foundation of everything I do and and I hope you will see that it makes a difference in the way I serve you.

If you want to know the rest of my story, you can read about it at or on facebook at

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