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Cory Martin

Adjunct Faculty
Healthcare Professions

Phone: (206) 592-3637

Office: 26-239

Mailstop: 26-2


Cory Martin brings academic, clinical, and teaching experience to his role as adjunct faculty at Highline College. With specialized certification in Respiratory Care and Medical Simulation, along with graduate training in curriculum, instruction, administration and supervision, he looks forward to helping students attain their academic goals.

Fall 2022

OnlineBSTEC 185 IBS1-OL (44673), BSTEC 185 YCF-OL (26483), COL 101 2YCF-OL (34965), COL 101 3YCF-OL (34966), HEAL 104 1YCF-OL (15345)
12:15-1:20 pm

HEAL 104 2ACF-HY (15346)

HEAL 104 2ACF-HY (15346)