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Tarisa Matsumoto-Maxfield

Diversity & Global Studies / English

Phone: (206) 592-4405

Office: 18-101

Mailstop: 18-1



I'm a hapa-yonsei-Japanese American from Gardena, California. I've been teaching college courses for over 20 years now--at Iowa State University, UW, and now Highline. At Highline, I teach English& 101, English 205, and English 200. I'm also the coordinator for the DGS Department.

I love to write poetry, and I also review books for the International Examiner. And if you want to talk Sounders, Fulham FC, or Premier League soccer, let me know!



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Arranged or Online

ENGL& 102 6YCF-OL (26256)

Composition II

11:30 am

Office Hours

Meets Thursday from 11:30 am ‐ 1:00 pm
18-101 or on Zoom