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Phone: (206) 592-3247

Office: 16-171

Mailstop: 16-3


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I am proud to be a artist / instructor. I get an immense amount of satisfaction passing on my knowledge to a great group of diverse people here at Highline College. I have been practicing the art of ceramics since 1991 and began my teaching career at Washington State University in 1996. I have earned a B.F.A. from Minnesota State University,Mankato and a M.F.A. from Washington State University. My instruction at Highline college started in 2001 and hopefully will continue for a long time to come.

Department: Art/Ceramics

Summer 2021

ArrangedART 291 A-IS (12558), ART 292 A-IS (12565), ART 293 A-IS (12566), ART 294 A-IS (12567), ART 295 A-IS (12568)
OnlineART 171 YCF1-OL (11725), ART 171 YCF2-OL (11726), ART 172 YCF1-OL (11727), ART 172 YCF2-OL (11728)