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Ellen Bremen

Communication Studies

Phone: (206) 592-3698

Office: 18-205

Mailstop: 18-1


Link: Please make an appointment to see me in my Zoom office.

I stop at nothing to help my students strengthen communication skills: I use peanut butter and jelly to teach communication models, and pipe cleaners and Post-it notes to teach anxiety reduction strategies. I believe in Communication as something to practice and master, as well as something to study. Students deserve every chance to succeed in this skill that can truly mean the difference between getting a job or a promotion... or not. I am in my 16th year at Highline and I've taught nearly 20 years total. I'm fortunate to have earned three national teaching awards for innovation and online learning. After my first 10 years of teaching, I was proud to publish the very first book, Say This, NOT That to Your Professor, that teaches students how to navigate interactions with their professors. I feel honored to do the work that I do, and fortunate that I am able to watch students grow in the art and the skill that is communication.